What makes our "watch of the month club" different? We partner with a new watch maker every month. Our watches are guaranteed to be worth more than your membership fee. Aside from the value of our membership, one of our members wins a Rolex every Friday. Other members receive great, hand picked watches. If you've ever thought about starting a watch collection, join Watch Gang!

Are the watches high quality?
Yes, our watches are excellent! We partner with watch makers to provide you with quality watches as part of your membership. Watches from our original membership generally use Japanese Miyota or Seiko movements, stainless steel and real leather. The watch styles vary greatly and may be classic, sport, military or anything else. Our Watch Gang Black membership generally consists of automatic / mechanical movements or Swiss quartz. They are more commonly for the watch enthusiast and guaranteed to be worth $150-$500.
What is the difference between Watch Gang Original and Watch Gang Black?
Our original membership includes mostly fashionable but well made watches using high quality Japanese quartz movements. The brands are generally lesser known but still provide great time pieces worth $50-$150. Watch Gang Black provides mostly watches with automatic or Swiss Quartz movements. The brands are either premium microbrands that may have gotten a great start on Kickstarter, or brands as well known as Citizen. The Watch Gang Black watches are worth $150-$500.
How do you determine the value of a watch?
Do I keep the watches I receive?
Can we pick the watches?
Does every member get a Rolex?
Are your watches authentic?
How can you provide watches, especially a Rolex for only $29 and $99 per month?
How fast will I receive the watch once I join?
How much is shipping?
What if I don't like the watch?
Are there any cancellation fees?