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“Wheel of Watches”

The Wheel is a fun and innovative way for Watch Gang members to buy a watch and have a chance at getting something even better than they expected. Members are guaranteed a watch worth at least the price of the spin, and sometimes much more!

First Thing’s First

Already a Watch Gang member? Click here to log into your account and navigate to The Wheel. Not a member yet? Sign up below and you’ll be able to access ‘The Wheel’ as soon as you become a member!

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Talking Points

Use points to spin The Wheel! Purchase points in bundles to save even more on The Wheel! The more you get at once, the more you save.

Learn more about using points
Pick Your Wheel

Choose from four Wheels to spin. The more points it takes to spin a Wheel, the higher the value of watches it has. You are always guaranteed to receive a watch worth at least what you paid for the spin.

Learn more about using points
Add the Watches You Want

Select eight watches you love, including one from the coveted Grail Tier, and put ‘em on The Wheel. Choose carefully, you’re guaranteed to land on one of the watches you select.

Learn more about Grail watchesLearn more about Wheel Tiers
Spin The Wheel!

Once you’ve had a chance to review your selections and lock them in, it’s time to spin The Wheel! Click Spin to get The Wheel going. Wherever the needle lands, that’s your new watch (even if it’s a Grail)! We’ll ship it right to you.

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