Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our "watch of the month club" different? We partner with a new watch maker every month. Our watches are guaranteed to be worth more than your membership fee. Aside from the value of our membership, one of our members wins a Rolex every Friday. Other members receive great, hand picked watches. If you've ever thought about starting a watch collection, join Watch Gang!        
Are the watches high quality?
How do you determine the value of a watch?
Where can I find previously sent watches?
Do I keep the watches I receive?
Do I get to pick my watch each month?
What sizes are your watches?
When can I expect my first watch?
How much is shipping?
How much does a monthly subscription cost?
How do I win a Rolex or a TAG Heuer?
What if I don’t like the watch?
Are there any cancellation fees?
Do you have a referral system?
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